28 September 2008

so i went with the stock option. i don't like the header, so i may try to figure out how to change that sometime.

i checked out a graphic novel today called i killed hitler. the title caught my eye as i was pulling the available holds for the past two days. the cover art immediately brought spiegelman's maus to mind, not only because of the relative subject matter but also the idea of portraying the actors of the period as animals. the book was published by fantagraphic books, which by coincidence has a storefront in georgetown, seattle about a block from where we played, jules maes saloon, on our last tour, so i met the owner and talked to him at length about shag, a print of whose i was planning to buy at the time, but in the end the guy decided he couldn't pre-sell any prints up for the next evening's show opening despite me explaining that i would be playing in portland or olympia (i can't recall) the next evening and that i lived in another state. alas i still need to get me something of his. i even thought about seeing if i could get him a show here, but i don't know how those things work really. anyway, all these things compelled me to check out the graphic novel, so maybe i'll post about it tomorrow, as i'm sure it won't take long to read.

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